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Hong Kong Travel Guide

Hong Kong Travel Guide - Travel to Hong Kong

Hong Kong Skyline Hong Kong is an enormous city-state in China with many districts of fascinating sights, several restaurants and incredible accommodations. Its nightlife isas legendary as its history, and its western lifestyle and freedom are particularly unique of this Chinese city. Hong Kong is the only region of this country with two official languages, Cantonese and English.

Despite it is located in Chinese territory, and legally belonging to the People’s Republic of China, Hong Kong is sheltered from the country’s continental administration.

Hong Kong is one of the two provinces that belong to China SARs (Special Administration Region). This city-state of the People’s Republic of China is located in the south, surrounded by China’s south sea and the Pearl River Delta. Hong Kong’s high degree of autonomy is portrayedin the maintenance of its previous colony laws, its detached immigration control and its capitalist economic system.

The SAR of Hong Kong is divided in three territories:
  • Hong Kong Island – where the economic, historical and political hub of all Hong Kong is located
  • Kowloon Peninsula – with which Hong Kong Island forms the core urban area of the SAR
  • New Territories – that combine the 200 outlying islands and the mainland territory of the SAR that limits with the rest of China; this area represents 86.2% of all the territory of Hong Kong.

Impressive City

Chinese New Year In Chinese, Hong Kong is written as: 香港, and read as "HeungGóng" in Cantonese, which translates to fragrant harbor. This due to the fragrant wood products that once were traded in Aberdeen Harbor, inside Hong Kong Island.

This destination of multiple personalities has been marked by its history mingled with Chinese dynasties and economical wars that transformed it into the British Colony that surpassed the GDP (Gross Domestic Product) per capita of its colonial masters (the British) on 1990. It transformed into one of the East Asian Tigersthat proudly declares itself as Asia's World City. Since 1997, Hong Kong is a capitalist economy inside socialist China.

Despite the 7 million people inhabiting Asia's World City, Hong Kong is considered a mostly rural landscape, visible in its rocky islands and cloudy mountains. Since Hong Kong is such a metropolis, much of its countryside is defined as Country Park.

The world’s Most Vertical City promotes life in its skyscrapers in favor of the maintenance of its green areas under the slogan of "densely populated, green city".

Getting the City

Getting to Hong Kong is as easy as surfing the net and booking a flight. More than 80 airline companies reach Hong Kong International Airport (HKG) on a 24-hour basis. In addition, this state-of-the-art airdrome ranks among the most user-friendly of the world.


Despitethe fact that Hong Kong is an all-year-long destination, the most popular time to visit it is from September to February, when the weather is cooler. We recommend you to make reservations in advance and beware of the international conventions, holidays and events, since most of them stick to the lunar calendar and change its dates every year.

Top Tourism Attractions



Hong Kong is considered by shoppers as a paradise, where one can buy from the most traditional articles to the last generation.
Giant Buddha

Giant Buddha

Visit the Giant Buddha is a must when travelers are visiting for the first time because of its impressive natural surroundings.


Visiting this spectacular amusement park is a must. It has plenty of amazing attractions that combine western and Chinese culture.

Symphony of Lights

Symphony of Lights

Amazing show of color lights at night is actually a multimedia display with powerful lights that illuminate the buildings and the skyscrapers
Wellington Gallery

Wellington Gallery

Wellington Gallery is considered the most important contemporary gallery in Hong Kong; it’s filled with amazing works.
Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is one of the most celebrated festivals, and takes place every year the first 3 days of first month in lunar calendar.

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