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Hong Kong Travel Guide

Accommodations in Hong Kong

The city of Hong Kong has a population density of 6.200 people per square kilometer.It is admirable that the city administration has for all its citizens to own a place to live. Accommodation in Hong Kong is an example of the different kinds of housing that may exist in the city.

Accommodation in Hong Kong
Accommodation in Hong Kong
Luxury hotels in Hong Kong
Luxury hotels in Hong Kong

There are normally hotels with an entire department for a guest or guests comfort as you want each one, so if you want a hotel as the star rating, you can find it around the city. There are also hostels, which are closer to downtown, but still has to travel a stretch by car to reach the place, where the different businesses, restaurants and other institutions of society are located. In parallel there are hostels which are called cheap hostels which do not have the same comfort as a hostel but if they have a normal room environment.

The latest generation of accommodation in Hong Kong are called Capsule Hotel which are located even in the heart of the city, as its name implies, are hosting some capsules which possess the basic services. Although they were developed in Japan are now used in several cities in Asia. While Chinese authorities initially banned the use of this type of accommodation for not following safety rules, the force that arrived in the other Asian countries forced China to restore its use, with safety regulations.

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