Hong Kong travel guide


Hong Kong Travel Guide


Hong Kong, as any other important city in China, has a rich historical and cultural background. Hong Kong acquired a strong western influence due to the British colonialism. Historically, Hong Kong city was a colony of the British Empire. Nevertheless, the majority of Hong Kong ethnic people prefer to follow and keep the eastern culture more than the western culture because they have multiplied tremendously in terms of population growth.

In Hong Kong, visitors can find several western elements that are combined with the eastern culture. For instance, we can mention the Cantopop music, the urban design with its contemporary skyscrapers, and animation (it is gaining more followers lately.) Although the animation industry in Hong Kong is not as well-developed as it is in Japan or the United States, there are amazing animation companies in the city that create good animated projects nowadays.

Some important Animation companies in Hong Kong are the Studio Media that is located in Mui WO Hong Kong (contact@stvudio.com), the Agogo Corporation that is situated in Kwong Loong Tai Building 1016-1018 Tai Nan Street (info@agogo.com.hk) and the Imagi Animation Studios. The latter has been doing a great job in elaborating 3DGD (3D Computer Graphics) animations and selling them into the local and international market.

In addition, Hong Kong organizes several fairs and animation festivals in order to promote the animation industry in the city. There is the Hong Kong Animation Festival, the Computer Animation Festival and the Animation Comic Game Hong Kong Fair Just to mention a few.

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