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10 Chancery Lane Gallery

Hong Kong has a great culture and traditions that one can enjoy through its Art galleries. Hong Kong has some of the most important Art Galleries in Asia including Asia Fine Art, Zee stone Gallery, Asia Fine ArtPlumb Blossoms Gallery and 10 Chancery Lane Gallery, which are widely recognized around the world.

Chancery Lane - Hong Kong 10 Chancery Lane Gallery is definitely one of the most important diffusers not only of Hong Kong culture, but also Asian culture. 10 Chancery Lane Gallery was established in May 2001in order to promote the Hong Kong culture. This gallery, houses a large number of great art works like pictures, sculptures, ceramics and beautiful furniture made by renowned artists including: Carol Lee Mei Kuen, Thi Trinh Nguyen, RongRong and Inri, Xiao Lu, Simon Birch, Hannah Bertram and Rich Streitmatter-Tran.

In addition, 10 Chancery Lane Gallery offers a great environment that was especially designed to provide visitors and unforgettable experience.

Contact Information:
  • Address: G/F, 10 Chancery Lane, SoHo, Central Hong Kong, HongKong
  • Phone: +852 2810-0065
  • Fax: 852-2810 0046
  • Web Sites:

    • http://www.10chancerylanegallery.com
    • http://arteastisland.wordpress.com/

  • E-mail: info@10chancerylanegallery.com
  • Open Hours: Tuesday Saturday from 10:00-18:00

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