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Plum Blossoms Gallery

Blossoms - Hong Kong Hong Kong is owner of a great culture and amazing traditions that are mainly influenced by the Chinese and British culture. If you want to enjoy the great Hong Kong culture, the best place to do it is definitely the galleries, where you will find from ancients works, like ceramics, pictures and sculptures, to more modern works.

One of the most important galleries in Hong Kong is certainly Plum Blossoms Gallery that was inaugurated in 1987 in order to promote the new Asian talents. Currently, Plumb Blossoms Gallery houses many important and beautiful textiles, pictures, sculptures, Chinese porcelain and Tibet an Furniture.

Throughout years, Plumb Blossoms Gallery has been recognized for its hard work spreading the Hong Kong Culture by publicizing the best of the Hong Kong art around the world.

Due to its great importance, Plumb Blossoms Gallery has participated in many important art fairs around the world, including:
  • Art Chicago
  • The Art Asia fairs in Hong Kong 1992-1994.
  • Art Miami
  • The Taipei International Art Fair
  • The Beverly Hills International Art Fair
  • The Beverly Hills International Art Fair in Singapore.

Contact Information:
  • Address: 1 Hollywood Rd., Central, Hong Kong.
  • Website: www.plumblossoms.com
  • Telephone: 2521-2189.
  • Open Hours: 10am-6.30pm Monday-Friday (Closed on Sundays and Public Holidays)

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