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Giant Buddha

Hong Kong has several religions and beliefs in its territory. The religion is an inherent part of the culture and education of the citizens in the island. Fortunately, the city of Hong Kong holds a tolerance policy in regard to religion that allows people to profess any type of religion freely. We can mention some important religious group in the city such as the Confucianism, Christianity, Taoism, Islam, Hinduism and Buddhism, just to mention a few.

In fact, Hong Kong has 700, 000 professed Buddhist approximately being this religion the most followed in Hong Kong. That is why some important landmarks in the city represent the power and importance of this religion in Hong Kong. The Giant Buddha is, for example, a great manifestation of the Buddhism influence that the city has received.

Laguna Hong Kong Taking a tour or visiting the Giant Buddha is a must when travelers are visiting Hong Kong for the first time because of its impressive natural surroundings and the strong cultural and historical background of the monument. This landmark is located on the top of the Ngong Ping Plateau in the Lantau Island. Its construction took more than eleven years and it was introduced to the world on December, 1993 during a ceremony. Nowadays, visitors are allowed to climb the statue and reach the big platform.

The landmark is popularly called the Tian Tan Buddha because its base is similar to the famous Altar of Tian Tam Temple in the city of Beijing. The Giant Buddha has 112 ft (34 Meters) of height and 250 metric tons of weight. That is why this statue is considered as the fifth largest Buddha in Hong Kong and the rest of the nation.

In the Buddhist Religion, the maximum level of meditation is called Nirvana. In order to reach the Nirvana, people need to acquire some important values such as charity, patience, zeal, morality and wisdom. There are six small statues around the big Buddha that represent the values needed to reach the Nirvana. The name of this group of statues is The Offering of the six Devas.

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