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The Peak

The Peak in Hong Kong is, without a doubt, one of the most popular touristic spots in Hong Kong. This place is basically a mountain called Mount Austin but local people call the site as Peak. The Peak is 552 meters high and it is exactly situated in the western part of the island.

The principal attractions of the peak are the several stunning views that foreigners can see up there. It will be a great experience to be able to see several places of Hong Kong such as Victoria Harbor, Central and the surrounding sites. That is why the Peak is considered by many people as the main tourist attraction in Hong Kong.

Gigantes Hong Kong Travelers can get there by using the efficient Peak Tram Taking this modern way of transportation is quite safe, cheap and amusing because visitors can enjoy the trip by taking photos of some natural landscapes that are mixed with contemporary skyscrapers and buildings on the way. In fact, the Peak Tram is considered as the oldest funicular railway that served as a main system of transport for both locals and travelers to the upper neighborhoods of the Island of Hong Kong.

The Tramway starts operating from the exclusive Central district and rises about 396 meters (1,200 feet above the sea level approximately) until Victoria Peak. The total distance that the Peak Tram covers is 1.4 kilometers exactly. This transport system is operated and managed by the HSH (Hong Kong Shanghai Hotels Groups).

In order to enjoy all the wonderful features of the Tram and get easily to the Peak, Travelers need a Peak Tram Ticket. This ticket is available at the Terminus Garden Road and at several travel agencies around the city. The Peak Tram operates everyday including weekends and holidays from 7:00 AM until midnight.

Once you are in the top of the Peak, you will be able to try some special and tasty dishes in several exquisite restaurants.

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