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Chung Yeung Festival

The Chung Yeung Festival (Double Ninth Festival) is a special day to remember ancestors and people in Hong Kong take this time seriously; the celebration is observed on the ninth day of the ninth month according to Chinese calendar; in this day all family members congregate to respect their deceased ancestors; itís a busy time in graves on that day too, due to the huge number of visitors; as one can notice during Ching Ming festival (a similar festival that takes place on Spring).

Traditions include:

Clean the place of their ancestors.

Then the rites follow with food that families bring: the famous Ko (cake); that is a synonym of top.

Itís said that in remembrance of an ancient Chinese family's escape from plague and death by fleeing to a mountain top; nowadays, people also hike the mountain in honor the Han Dynasty legend. The story is about a kid, Heng Jing was taught by an old Taoist to defeat the plague; the old man told him to go back and save the village the ninth day of the ninth month, then all people in the village was rescued to the highest mountain and the kid tricked the plague with a strong wine and killed the plague. Woon King of Han Dynasty ordered to the kid to leave the village on that day and both went together, when they returned home noticed that all living things had died during their trip.

The Chinese Tradition
The Chinese Tradition
Chung Yeung
Chung Yeung

Nowadays, people enjoy of hiking to the mountains and go for picnic; people take advantage of the clear skies and the nice weather; as the festival takes place in autumn and weather is very dry, thereís a high risk of hill fires especially because people offer burnt offerings in the graves.

However, authorities tell everybody to be careful and they have mediums of precaution; so you might be interested in learn and enjoy the festival.

In addition, we give you the translation of a poem dedicated to the Chung Yeung Festival:
        As a lonely stranger in a strange land,
        At every holiday my homesickness increases.
        Far away, I know my brothers have reached the peak;
        They are planting flowers, but one is not present.

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