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Chinese Ghost Festival

The Chinese Ghost Festival (Yu Lan) is as other festivals colorful and noisy affairs, and thousands upon thousands of people congregates to the celebration. Itís known as the Festival of the Hungry Ghosts and takes place each year on the seventh moon in the Chinese lunar calendar, the 15th day, it means that usually it is celebrated in august and some years in September; and according to traditions, the festival has been held for over 100 years that is why the Yu Lan Festival has been inscribed in the third national list of intangible cultural heritage in 2001.

Yu Lan Festival
Yu Lan Festival
Chinese Ghost
Chinese Ghost

Itís said that during these days ghosts roam the earth and the Gates of Hell are opened; people in outlying islands use to light small fires along the road or bury and release miniature paper boats with lanterns in rivers, and burn offerings like money, bags with clothes and other details, for those ghosts in order to make them feel comfortable and guide them in the return to the place they belong.

Offerings can include food such as: steamed chicken or roasted pork, rice; fruits such as: orange, apple; some people compare the Chinese Ghost Festival with Halloween, but itís not very similar although the ghosts; because the Ghost Festival is based on ancestor worship and Chinese people take this seriously.

The Ghost Festival is the main celebration of a Ghost month full of traditions, even people use to stay at home during this time because itís said that ghosts wander on the streets at night and other activities such as: moving, opening a business, a wedding, and important events should be avoided. Itís said that the festival can be traced to a history of ancient.

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