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Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is one of the most celebrated festivals in Hong Kong, and takes place every year the first 3 days of first month in lunar calendar, which are public holidays also. Each year, the lunar year begins in different dates because the track of the new moon changes from year to year; according to the Chinese Zodiac is the year of a specific animal; for example 2011 is the year of the rabbit and the following are some of the Chinese years and its animal signs:

January 23
February 10
January 31
February 19
February 8
January 28
February 16

Itís a huge festival like no other, full of ancient traditions and very infectious due to all the people that celebrates along the streets during several days, because the Chinese New Year is not only one festivity, itís made up of several events such as:
  • Thematic Lantern Exhibition: Itís a part of the custom, to display a series of lanterns created especially for the New Year; and not only in Hong Kong, but in several Asian countries.

  • Flower Market: youíll find this market set up one week before the New Year celebration, thereíll be different kinds of decorations made of plants and cut flowers sold for New Year.

  • Chinese New Year Night Parade: The Cathay Pacific International Chinese New Year Night Parade is an amazing spectacle that combines different elements from Chinese and other international cultures. Youíll enjoy seeing illuminated floats, dancers, bands and more.

  • New Year Hong Kong
    New Year Hong Kong
    Celebrations China
    Celebrations China

  • Pilgrimages: Locals and visitors also take this time to give thanks for the last year and use the opportunity to pray for good fortune; youíll see crowds that make pilgrimage to main Hong Kong temples and people performing ancient rites.

  • Lunar New Year Fireworks Display: This spectacle combines the city lights, surrounding mountains and the harbor with a huge spectacle of fireworks during 20 minutes that youíll cherish your lifetime.

  • Chinese New Year Race Day: Locals have the belief that if one starts the New Year at the racecourse with their favorite horse, the year that comes will be full of fortune; in fact, itís an excitement activity.

  • Other events include: art festivals, sportive contests, tourism expo, marathons, and more.

We must aware you that most establishments can be closed during the 3 days and some even till 8 days; also some prices in those establishments that you may find open charge 20% additional, instead of 10%, so you should take precautions.

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