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Ching Ming Festival

The Ching Ming Festival (Ching Ming is clear and bright in English), itís a festival in which Chinese people show respect to their antecessors; they visit ancestral graves, where different traditional rites are made in their honor. This celebration is related to a Chinese tradition, for which people need to receive blessings from their previous generations, people also carry traditional food and eat that at the various gravesites.

China Ching Ming Itís a Buddhist tradition that most people in Hong Kong follow, they offered, since earlier times, food, incense and paper, by burning those things; in time the tradition changes some of those stuff with stereo system, cell phones and ancestors favorite amenities made of paper in order to be sent to them by fire (they believe that the relatives can receive the goods and even money this way), although it sounds incredible, itís the tradition and itís real.

Some of the things people carry are:
  • Incense sticks, joss sticks and paper.
  • Money made of paper and paper clothes that represent the money and clothes of the ancestor.
  • Bunch of flowers and other special ornaments made of flowers.
  • Food like roasted suckling pig, chicken, fruits, vegetables and wine that people offer in a ceremony and they eat it after all the end.

Ching Ming - Hong Kong As you can see, the celebration is similar to All Souls Day in English (not to be confused with the catholic holiday of the Same name), and unlike other festivities, the Ching Ming Festival is not calculated according to the Lunar Calendar, the date is usually the 15th day from the Spring Equinox that usually falls either 4, 5 or 6 April.

If you want to enjoy these activities, we recommend you cemeteries located at north New Territories, Tsuen Wan and others. You must take some precautions because transportation routes get crowded in these days.

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