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Dragon Boat Festival

Dragon Boat Festival (Tuen Ng), like all the rest of traditional festivals in China, is celebrated in a date marked according to lunar calendar, the fifth day of the fifth lunar month.

Itís said that the festival is celebrated because of the popular national hero, a patriotic scholar-statesman named Chu Yuan, who protested against the Emperor and the corrupt rules, by drowning himself; people respect Chu Yuan and as they noticed that he was drowned tried to rescue him by jumping on boats to search for him, but as they couldnít find him, they started to make noise with the beat of drums to scare fish away and throw dumplings to keep the fish from eating Chu Yuanís body. Since then people started to live along the river and put some rice cooked in sacrifice for him. In fact there are several legends about the origin of the festival, but that one is the most famous and acceptable.

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Dragon Boat, Hong Kong
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Dragon Boat Competition

However, nowadays, the Dragon Boat Festival has different activities, and the most important of them is the Dragon boat racing, and more than an activity itís a huge spectacle that captivates people worldwide and itís imitated in other countries where Chinese people live, following are some facts of Dragon Boat race:
  • Races are held in different locations throughout Hong Kong.
  • People congregate in teams, each team with 20 or 22 paddlers.
  • Dragon boats feature the head and tail of the dragon that is the god of the water world. Those are elaborately decorated dragon boats.
  • Before the race the water is blessed and people use to bath in the water to keep healthy during the rest of the year.
The Rice Dumpling is a popular food during this festival, whether they are savory, with glutinous rice, fresh meat, salted meat or ham or sweet, with glutinous rice, bean paste, dates' paste and honey, are delicious.

The period of the lunar calendar, in which takes place the Dragon Boat Festival, it believed to be an unlucky month and people in the community think that is the time for disasters and illness, so families use to put portraits of gods and heroes like Chu Yuan in order to protect their homes.

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