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Hong Kong Travel Guide

Eating and Drinking in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is heir of a great culture with many amazing traditions and of course one of the best cuisines of Asia, even worldwide. Due to the great influence of Chinese culture, most Hong Kong cuisine comes from the Chinese cuisine.

However, over time, Hong Kong has developed their own style making news and delicious recipes that are the envy of many other regions. Hong Kong people, have a special passion for food that most times eclipses their love for others passions like shopping, politics, sports and gambling.

One of the main Hong Kong's features is that it houses more than 11.000 restaurants throughout its territory this is surprising due to its extension. Most of the restaurants in Hong Kong are clustered in define food districts, in which, besides to enjoy the most delicious Cantonese and Chinese recipes, one can also enjoy a large selection of food from around the world. Although, we can find many restaurants everywhere, many of the best, oldest and traditional restaurants are in the major Hotels.

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Hong Kong's cuisine is rich and varied, but also use many fats, fried foods, and excess carbohydrates. Controlling a good diet makes you stronger, have fewer diseases and keep your optimal weight. BMI calculator is crucial to know that these weight range and thus have to take action if needed. Exercise at least 3 times a week is a plus. Your body mass index is a measurement which determines which weight category you belong to, and it will give you an idea of how your weight compares to common values.

Hong Kong food
Hong Kong recipes

However, restaurants are not the only places to enjoy a dish because there are other food stalls such as Hawkers, Dai Pai Dongs and specialized shops where one can find specific types of dishes. As other Asiatic cuisines, Hong Kong Cuisine accepts a wide variety of exotic ingredients, many of which only grow in the region. Among the most traditional Hong Kong Dishes are included:
  • Akira Kushiyaki
  • Stinky tofu
  • Sweet tofu soup
  • Yung Kee's roast goose
  • Joy Hing's cha siu
  • Cha siubaau
  • Claypot rice
  • Tonkichi'stonkatsu
  • Tang Lung Street's Thai shrimp sashimi

Hong Kong also enjoys of a large variety of drinks, such as the bubble tea, Honey green tea, Hong Kong-style milk tea, Soy Milk and Sugarcane juice. Of course, one can also enjoy the traditional alcoholic drinks like beer, Whisky, Tequila and Sake, in all Chinese restaurants.

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