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Taking a trip to Hong Kong city is definitely one of the most wanted touristic activities. This Chinese city is one of the most important trade centers in the world and it includes several facilities for tourists. That is why the city receives thousands of visitors each year. Each street, avenue, road, corner, park and building has a special millenary and oriental characteristic. Travelers will be able to encounter an impressive cultural legacy.

Without a doubt, the island of Hong Kong has everything for people of all ages. There is a hectic nightlife in the city center with full of nightclubs for young people; there are spectacular outdoor spaces with breathtaking landscapes for nature lovers; there is a big variety of shopping areas in the island which is perfect for people who love shopping and there are plenty of amusement parks in the entire area for kids. However, people should miss doing some Hong Kong Walks.

As we’ve mentioned before, Hong Kong has some of the most astonishing landscapes and green spaces to enjoy through several tours that are offered in the city. But, in order to explore them, travelers should get out from their hotels and walk. Those amazing Hong Kong walks provide visitors an untraditional way to see Hong Kong and learn about its culture.

Hong Kong Walks There are several Hong Kong walks that travelers can take in order to explore the impressive natural environments of the island. Here is a list of the most important ones:
  • Tai Tam Reservoirs-Communing with Nature
    This natural space is situated in the southeast part of the city. Conveniently, the Tai Tam Reservoirs are surrounded by imposing hills.

  • Lamma Island- A taste of the Sea
    This island is one of the largest in Hong Kong territory. This magnificent site provides visitors the chance to spend some time to relax far away from the bustling city.

  • The Sha Tin -New Town Charm
    This is singular town has an interesting cultural background. Initially the area was called as Lek Yuen which means “the great source of clear and pure water”.

  • The Cheung Chau- Island Retreat
    The Cheng Chau Island is quite popular in Hong Kong because of its amazing natural features. Getting there is not difficult because the trip only takes 50 minutes from the city center of Hong Kong. There is a great festival called Bun Festival.

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