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Nathan Road

Hong Kong is a modern city full of vibrant colors, shining lights, imposing skyscrapers with a contemporary architectonic style and stunning landmarks throughout the region. There are interesting areas that show to the world the greatness and power of China as a big nation. Unobjectionably, Nathan Road is recognized as a main area in Kowloon district in the city of Hong Kong.

The road is characterized for having the best Neon Sighs and an excellent illumination around the entire country. In addition, plenty of people in China consider this touristic Road as the principal road in Kowloon and the rest of the city of Hong Kong. Nathan Road goes from north to south; it takes you from the amazing area of Mong Kok to Tsim Sha Tsui. Nathan Road is a perfect place for tourists who want to know one of the best commercial centers of China.

Nathan Road - Hong Kong Travelers can find a large number of facilities such as shops, bars, restaurants, big shopping malls and much more in this venue in Hong Kong. Initially, this magnificent area was called Robinson to honor Sir Hercules Robinson who was the 5th governor of the city at that time. Nevertheless, in 1909 the name was changed to Nathan Road to remember the 13th governor of Hong Kong called Matthew Nathan who served since 1904 until 1907.

In 1860 the Qing Dynasty ceded the Kowloon territory to the United Kingdom and formed an official part of the crown. Consequently, in the year of 1861 the first section of Nathan Road was completed. During this time, Nathan Road was an exclusive neighborhood with big colonial houses. Nowadays, Nathan Road is a principal touristic spot in Hong Kong and a principal place for shopping opportunities. Travelers can find boutiques, electronic shops, restaurants and bars and much more.

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