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Pink Dolphin watching

There are a large number of tours that travelers can take in order to see the wonderful and smart pink dolphins in Hong Kong. Without a doubt, taking the tour will be one of the best experiences that tourists can ever do in the island. The pink dolphins of Hong Kong are spread throughout the Lung Kwu Marine Park and the Sha Chau but their home is situated between Hong Kong and Macau in the Pearl River Delta.

Pink Dolphin Hong Kong In addition, tourists have the opportunity to explore the area through a cruise. If any tourists canít see a pink dolphin during the tour, they have the chance to do the tour again for free. These smart animals were considered as lucky charm by Hong Kong citizens in 1997. Although Pink dolphins are in danger of extinction, there are a lot of people who are protecting these amazing animals of the sea.

These singular dolphins are actually white but they became pink throughout their life because its blood vessels are really close to their skins. We can find this type of dolphins in the Amazon River located in South America. Some of the dolphins have a dark color rather than a pink tone; unfortunately, this is a negative result of the pollution in the sea. It is for sure, taking a tour to see a pink dolphin is a must when visiting the island of Hong Kong.

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