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Symphony of Lights

The symphony of Lights are one of the most stunning and impressive spectacles in Hong Kong. This amazing show of color lights at night is actually a multimedia display with powerful lights that illuminate the buildings and the skyscrapers. As reported by the Guinness World Record, the Symphony of Lights was declared as the world’s largest Permanent light show.

Visitors will be amazed at the sight of laser beams, searchlights and colorful shine lights that perform a synchronized show which represents the live spirit, the energy and the diversity of the city of Hong Kong. This magnificent show is quite famous in Asia; it attracts thousands of western tourists each year.

Simphony Hong Kong The Symphony of Lights includes five main themes during its presentation. Each one is pretty important to understand the fundamental reason about this spectacle. The first one is called Awakening. This part of the show begins with flashes and laser lights, and little by little, the closest buildings are illuminated. Basically this first part symbolizes the Hong Kong’s improvement and powerfulness.

The second one is named Energy and it is represented by the display of color lights, searchlights and lasers. This second synchronized group of lights represents the vibrant energy of the city. Heritage is the name of the third theme that symbolizes the big heritage and cultural legacy of Hong Kong. In this part of the presentation, a Chinese instrumental music enters the scene and improves the performance of the Symphony of Lights itself.

The fourth theme is named partnership and the laser beams and searchlights begins to illuminate almost the majority the harbor. These lights symbolize the cohesion and connection of the opposite sides of the island. Finally, the fifth Theme is called celebration and as the name tells us, it symbolizes the happiness and joy for the partnership of both sides of the island. In addition, the celebration represents the brilliant future of Hong Kong as the most important city of the entire Asia.

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