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Hong Kong Travel Guide

Films in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a beautiful city filled with many amazing attractions and friendly people that are always happy to welcome to visitors. One of the main features of Hong Kong Citizens is definitively their love for cinema, especially for movies made in their own land. Throughout its history, the Hong Kong film industry has been an important part of Hong Kong culture.

Films Hong Kong
Films Hong Kong
Film Hong Kong
Chinese movies

Since the end of World War II the Asian film industry has a considerable increase because American and European moviegoers have shown a special interest in their well developed movies and of course Hong Kong was not the exception of this development. The Kung Fu fad of the 1970ís was fueled by imported films from Hong Kong that is why for example Japan is known by its Anime movies, while Hong Kong is widely known by its action films.

However, despite the years, the marketability of Hong Kong movies especially the violent action films has not been lost in the main markets and even on Hollywood, where famous films, such as Face/Off and Mission impossible II, directed by renowned directors that were born in Hong Kong like John Woo, are periodically premiered. Hong Kong was also the place where many stars, such as Jacky Chan, Jet Li and Chow Yun, were born.

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