Hong Kong travel guide


Hong Kong Travel Guide

Getting Around Hong Kong

The city of Hong Kong is a bustling city that is located in the south side of China. Hong Kong, which in Chinese Mandarin means "fragrant harbor", is one of the most favorite touristic destinations for the western world. The city includes attractive features such as modern shops, excellent restaurants, active nightlife and friendly people who are waiting foreigners with a big smile from ear to ear. Although getting around Hong Kong can seem a little bit complicated at first because of its different language and signs, visitors can learn and get accustomed to Hong Kong very easily.

Everybody thinks that Hong Kong has a big territory. However, the town is small with a total area of 400 square miles. In addition, Hong Kong as one of the modern cities in China, has created a modern public transportation system. That is why visiting the city is not a problem at all. First of all, visitors have to know that Hong Kong is basically a group of perfectly divided islands. As an example we can mention the Lantau Island where the international airport is located, the Kowloon Peninsula where plenty of people go shopping and the Hong Kong Island.

Getting Around Hong Kong
Hong Kong - China

Tourists who want to travel around these islands and visit the principal attractions have to bear in mind that they have to acquire the octopus card. This card is very helpful for visitors, they will be able to use for several ways of transportation: bus, subway, trams, ferries and metro. This reliable transportation card is available in train stations, bus stops and the majority of hotels in Hong Kong.

Using the MTR rail system in Hong Kong is the best way to visit the interesting places that are around the city. This way of transportation covers the majority of districts and visitors can stop in several destinations. The MRT includes ten efficient lines such as Tung Chung, Tsuen Wan, Tseung Kwan O, Kwun Tong, West Rail and East Rail, just to mention a few.

Taxis are another way of getting around the principal touristic spots and popular places in Hong Kong. Tourists can find taxis in almost all the areas of the city. In addition, Taxis in Hong Kong are clean and fresh because each one has an air conditioning system. The taxis in the city are completely well-organized and they are divided into three colors that represent the area where they are available to work. The red ones only can operate in the entire Hong Kong except in the south side of the visited Lantau Island and Tung Chung Road. The blue ones are available to operate only in Lantau Island and the green ones only can serve in rural areas.

The buses as in any other important city in China are modern, clean, comfortable and include convenient double-deckers that provide spectacular views of the city. The buses cover the entire island of Hong Kong, New Territories and a big part of Kowloon. Furthermore, visitors are able to find the popular minibuses in Hong Kong. These minibuses can carry sixteen people but they are available to operate in specific areas only. In order to take some of these buses, tourists have to obtain the octopus card. If tourists want to visit the city center, there is a convenient way of transportation. We are taking about the Trams.

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