Hong Kong travel guide


Hong Kong Travel Guide

How to get in Hong Kong

Reaching a widely visited destination like Hong Kong is relatively simple. The easiest way get to Hong Kong is by plane,if not for the probable long hours that you will spend on the airplane if you come from Sydney (9 hours), London (16 hours), or Chicago (12 hours).

The Hong Kong International Airport has the IATA Carrier of HKG; it replaced the infamous Kai Tak Airport on 1998; and is now, one of the most user-friendly aerodromes in the world. Hong Kong’s state-of-the-art airport receives more than 80 airlines from the world’s major cities on a 24-hour schedule. Hong Kong’s most famous Airline is Cathay Pacific, headquartered in Hong Kong;it isa “One World Member” and the Airline Sister of the well-known Asian airline, Dragonair.

Airport tax costs HKD120 (about USD16) and the security charge costs HKD33 (about USD4), but they are usually included on the flight ticket.

Although it is unlikely for a non-Chinese tourist to reach Hong Kong by train, the railways that connect Hong Kong with the rest of China are known as “Intercity Through Trains” and are regulated by the MTR Corporation (Mass Train Railway Corporation limited). All trains reach the Hung Hom Station, where the custom and immigration control is located. They mainly link the following regions:
  • Shanghai – once every two days, reaching destination in 20 hours.
  • Guangzhou – daily trains from 7:00 to 19:00 hours, reaching destination in 2 hours.
  • Beijing – once every two days, reaching destination in 24 hours.

Unless you come from Macao or visit Hong Kong in one of the more than 30 international cruise ships that hit Hong Kong Special Administration Region (SAR), travelling to this destination by ferry is not likely to happen. However, the high demand of ferries arriving to Asia’s World City has prompted the construction of a new ferry terminal scheduled for 2012 on the former Kai Tai Airport.

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