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By ferry

By ferry to Hong Kong Unless you come from Macau or visit Hong Kong in one of the more than 30 international cruise ships that hit this destination, travelling to the Special Administration Region (SAR) of Hong Kong by ferry is not likely to happen.

Still, the high-speed ferries that connect Hong Kong with several ports in the rest of China have proven insufficient to the growing demand, thus, the new terminal scheduled for 2012 close to the former Kai Tai Airport.

The current port terminals (2011) of Hong Kong consist of:
  • The Hong Kong-Macau Ferry Terminal also known as the Hong Kong-Macau Ferry Pier is located on Hong Kong Island.

  • The Hong Kong-China Ferry Terminal in China Hong Kong City (huge shopping complex) in the heart of Tsim Sha Tsui Kowloon Peninsula is also referred-to as the Ocean Terminal.

  • The Tuen Mun Ferry Pier in Tuen Mun town in the New Territories of Hong Kong SAR
These terminals provide services between the Mainland China and Macau.

The largest ferry companies operating these ports are:
  • New World First Ferry

  • HKKF (Hong Kong Kowloon Ferry)

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