Hong Kong travel guide


Hong Kong Travel Guide

By train

Although it is unlikely for a non-Chinese tourist to reach Hong Kong by train, the railways that connect the Special Administration Region (SAR) of Hong Kong with Mainland China are known as “Intercity Through Trains". They link the SAR mainlywith:
  • Shanghai – Once every two days, reaching destination in almost 20 hours,costing between USD130 (HKD1000) and USD45 (HKD350) for the deluxe and economic ticket respectively.

  • Guangzhou – Daily trains from 7:00 to 19:00 hours, reaching destination in approximately two hours, costing about USD26 (HKD200).

  • Beijing – Once every two days, reaching destination in about 24 hours. Direct tickets are:

    • USD155 (HKD1,191) for a deluxe service in a two-bed cabin
    • USD121(HKD934) for a soft bed in a four-bed cabin
    • USD78 (HKD601) for a hard bed in a four-bed cabin

By train to Hong Kong The train terminal for all intercity trains is Hung Hom Station, since this is where tourists go through immigration and custom control. The “Ministry of Railways of PRC” (People’s Republic of China) and the “MTR Corporation” (Mass Transit Railway Corporation Ltd.) regulate all intercity through trains.

On December 2, 2007, the Kowloon Canton Railways or KCR (the railway that connected Hong Kong with the rest of China), was absorbed by the MTR Corporation on an extendable 50-year concession.

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