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Hong Kong Travel Guide

Hong Kong Islands

Hong Kong is located in the southeast of China. This special administrative region is in Hong Kong Island. But today, Hong Kong is made up of more than just Hong Kong Island. It contains more than 235 outlying islands and several regions. Together these sparsely populated outlaying islands are the Hong Kong territory. The Hong Kong islands vary greatly in size, character, and appearance. While many are little more than uninhabited rocks poking out of the South China Sea, Lantau is almost the twice the size of Hong Kong Island.

The Hong Kong Islands consists of 33 square miles and are populated by 5000 Chinese; and the islands have virtually no natural resources. From the quite lanes of Cheung Chau to the Buddhist monasteries and country sparks of Lantau, and the waterfront seafood restaurant of Lamma, Hong Kong islands offer a new world of peace and quiet long with activities and a host of sights. The islands listed before are all easily accessible from Hong Kong Island daily, and Lantau and Cheung Chau from Knowloon at the weekend as well.

Most Hong Kong islands are fishing villages, although some are deserted. Together, Hong Kong Island and its surrounding regions span 424 square miles (1098 sq km). Hong Kong balances new and old, West and East. Tourists shop for cameras or for jade, which is a green stone, in this Chinese region. Today, Hong Kong reigns as an international center of culture and trade. The main Hong Kong islands you can visit are:
  • Cheung Chau is situated off the southeast coast of Lantau. Cheung Chauis said to be one of the longest inhabited islands in the area, and during the 18th century it was a safe haven for pirates attacking the busy trading waterways between Macau and Guangzhou. It is a small but vibrant island.

  • Lamma Island is the third biggest of the islands after Lantau and Hong Kong Island. Its name in Cantonese, Nam Nga Dou, means "south fork island" and refers to its position south-west of Hong Kong and its twin prong shape.

  • Lantau Island is heavily wooded and even though it is actually larger than Hong Kong Island, it is inhabited by a mere 6000 souls. The largest seated bronze Buddha in the world is there on the MokYue Hill at Ngong Ping.

  • Peng Chau is a small island located off the northeastern coast of Hong Kong with an area of 0.98 km2 and an estimated population of 3000. Peng Chau is a much quieter place. Although its 8000 inhabitants are predominantly fisher folk, there is some cottage industry, including several porcelain factories.

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