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Man Mo Temple

Man Mo Temple is Hong Kong oldest and most revered temple. The Man Mo Temple is Hong Kong Island's oldest temple and it is dedicated to two gods: Man, who is the god of Literature, and Mo, the God of Martial Arts and War. You can easily find the temple with your nose because of the giant incense coils that hang from the ceiling. The Man Mo Temple is located is located at Nos. 124-126 Hollywood Road and the Ladder Street's crossroad.

Temple Hong Kong The Man Mo Temple is a genuine heritage site that asserts Hong Kong’s social and cultural Chinese identity more eloquently perhaps than any other single building. The twin deities whom the temple is dedicated can be seen as very representative of Hong Kong. The name of Man evokes a strong sense of civic responsibility and the value of learning, and he is regarded as the patron of civil servants. Mo, on the other hand, is the martial god. This Chinese deity is usually known as Kwan Ku, the patron of policemen and antique dealers. Mo is a hugely popular figure in the Chinese pantheon.

Visitors can tell the date of the fecundating of the temple from the inscription on the bell informing then it was cast in Guangdong province in the year 1847. However, as many temples and shrines, the Man Mo Temple is likely to have been built on the site of an earlier place of worship. This temple has been managed by Tung Wah Group of Hospitals since 1908. It is one of Grade I historic buildings in this District. The Man Mo temple is currently a declared monument.

This temple is very popular among visitors and foreigners. This reason encourages Xbox consoles to include the Man Mo Temple in its videogame Shenmue II. This 18th century building is an obligatory point of any tour around Hong Kong. The temple is open along the week from 8:00 to 6:00 pm. Admissions are free. One can get there by taxi or bus. There are several souvenir stores near the temple, where visitor can buy a scale model of Man Mo Temple, as well as other Chinese interesting artifacts.

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