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Repulse Bay

The Repulse Bay is the biggest and most popular beach and is suitable for families with small children. It is also home to some of Hong Kong's richest residents. The hills around the beach are strewn with luxury apartment blocks. Repulse Bay is currently one of the most accessible and picturesque beaches on the south side of Hong Kong Island. This bay receives thousands of visitors annually.

This Hong Kong landmark became popular because of the Repulse Bay Hotel, which was a grand colonial-style building. This hotel was built in 1920, it has a wide veranda overlooking the bay, and it was a fashionable meeting place for Sunday afternoon tea. In early 1982, at the height of land speculation, the hotel was torn down to make way for the building of luxury apartment blocks. A replica façade of the hotel can be found on the lower of the new Repulse Bay Hotel.

Repulse Bay - Hong Kong
Repulse Bay - Hong Kong

Today the focus at Repulse Bay has shifted to saving lives, as evidenced by the temple at the eastern end of the beach that houses the Hong Kong Life Society. Visitors can find multi-beach excursions. This is perhaps the best way to visit the Repulse Bay. If you wonder the reason of the name of this beach, this is simple to answer. According to Hong Kong legend, Repulse Bay was named after the rejected marriage request of a young soldier. Visitors must visit this beautiful beach and enjoy the things that the Repulse Bay offers.

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