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Birthday of Lord Buddha

The Birthday of the Lord Buddha (Vesak Day) is one of the most spiritual and of great relevance in Hong Kong and it’s celebrated by Buddhist throughout the world that remember not only the birth of Sidharta Gautama or Lord Buddha, but also his enlightenment (nirvana) and passing away of the most important character for Buddhism; all in one day.

The date for the celebration is not the same each year; it varies according to the lunar calendar, in which is the eighth day of the fourth month. The celebration has as principal places the Buddhist temples that boast special ceremonies in this day; Buddha is greatly revered, especially in The Ten Thousand Buddha’s Monastery and the Po Lin Monastery. Temples are decorated with flags and flowers, and all people congregate in temples before dawn. Then ceremonies take place in the temples like hoisting the Buddhist flag; the bathing of the Lord Buddha, it’s believed that according to a legend, when the Lord Buddha was born nine dragons sprayed water to bathe the baby at birth, to commemorate this and to aid the purification of one’s soul, is the ritual done and involves bowing, offering a prayer chant, and pouring fragrant water onto the head of a small Buddha statue.

Lord Buddha Hong Kong
Lord Buddha, Hong Kong
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Birthday of the Lord Buddha

Besides the spiritual aspect of the celebration, people take the day for meditation and enjoy sumptuous Chinese vegetarian meals at the monastery. If you want to get to the main temples of celebration, you can take the Lantau Island Ferry to MuiWo, once you arrive there you can take a bus to Ngong Ping.

Temples in which one can enjoy of the rituals and ceremonies are:
  • Po Lin Monastery or Lantau Island, this temple is quite special because it hosts the world largest seated outdoor Buddha.

  • Chin Lin Nunnery, where bathing ceremonies start at 9:00 am till 4:00 pm.

  • Miu fat Monastery, a complex near to the 10 000 Buddha’s temple, and where bathing ceremonies take place from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm.

  • Ten Thousand Buddha’s Temple: In the temple, people can find the greatest courses of vegetarian Chinese Cuisine.
As you can see, you can't afford to miss the grand celebration.

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