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Mid-Autumm Festival

The Mid-Autumn Festival or Moon Festival, itís a popular celebration among Vietnamese people in Asia and other parts of the world; the celebration takes place each fifteenth day of the eight moon (around the equinox) that in Western calendar (Gregorian calendar) usually is any day between the second week of September and the second week of October.

The celebration dates back to ancient times since over 3000 years, itís said that since those times in history, the Shang Dynasty emperors worshiped the moon in autumn in order to have a harvest year. Officials and rich families put offerings such as fruits and snack under the moon. In time common citizens also worshiped the moon and drank and dance under the brightest moon of the year.

Mid Autumm - Hong Kong
Mid Autumm - Hong Kong
Chinese Festival
Chinese Festival

The Mid-Autumn Festival is full of traditions and is one of the few most important holidays in the Calendar; according to the region and local customs those are:
  • Eating Moon Cakes: These traditional cakes must be eaten by all family as they are watching the moon; typically, the mooncakes are round and should have a diameter of 4-5 cm in thickness with 10 cm of measure; and they consists in a tender skin enveloping sweet filling. Usually families prepare them at home, so if youíre visiting Hong Kong you can buy them with $10 or $50 or even more.

  • Match Making: Itís a tradition that young men and women find partners in the festival; each one of the ladies throw their hankies to the crowd and men that returns the accessory to the women has a chance of romance.

  • Lanterns: People make or buy paper lanterns with the shape of animals or airplanes and male their children to stay up late so they can take an high point to light their lanterns. In some places itís common to make huge lanterns.

  • Incense: To show reverence, people burn incense.

  • Dragon Dances: These dances are traditional in many Chinese events; a team of people carry the dragon and pole, the dance team must imitate the movements of the river spirit demonstrating power and dignity.

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