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Museum of Coastal Defence

Museum of Coastal Defence - Hong Kong The Hong Kong Museum of Coastal Defense was in fact, created as the Lei Yue Mun Fort in 1887 by the British forces, when Hong Kong was still a British Colony. It was built as a strategically located fortification that served as a territory of defense of significant relevance during the Japanese attack of 1941. Today is a revamped memorabilia of the history of Hong Kong as a coastal defense, hence, the name.

The museum houses artifacts and relics of more than 600 years old. The permanent exhibition features the central military structure of the Lei Yue Mun Fort, 18 casemates connected by passageways, and a central courtyard where soldiers gathered that now portrays historic artifacts from back to the Ming and Qing period.

Visiting Information:
  • It opens:

    • On weekdays: from 10am to 5pm
    • On weekends public holidays: from 10am to 6pm

  • It closes:

    • On Thursdays that are not public holidays
    • On the first two days of the Chinese New Year

  • Located in 1 Man Lam Road, Sha Tin, Hong Kong.

  • Prices: (Hong Kong Dollars)

    • Standard tickets (Adults): $10
    • Fulltime students: $5
    • Elderly (above 60 years old): $5
    • People with disabilities: 5$
    • Groups (more than 20 people) $7

  • Admission on Wednesdays is free

  • Contact information:

    • Phone number: (+85) 2 2569 1500
    • Booking hotline: (+85) 2 2569 1248
    • Fax number: (+85) 2 2569 1637
    • Email : hkmcd@lcsd.gov.hk
    • Website : http://hk.coastaldefence.museum

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