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Music in Hong Kong

People who are visiting Hong Kong for the first time are going to realize that the city is more than a bustling city full of commerce and businesses, contemporary skyscrapers, and trendy shopping malls. Hong Kong includes important cultural hubs and interesting cultural activities to do in the city. One of the most important things that people from Hong Kong enjoy as an art expression is the music.

Hong Kong has an eclectic music that has received has a strong influence of the western world. In fact, the music in Hong Kong is a special mixture of some popular and traditional genres. The Cantopop is, without a doubt, the most popular genre in Hong Kong. In 1920, the Cantopop was censured and compared to pornography.

Music Hong Kong
Music Hong Kong
China music
China music

However, in 1960 the genre had a massive acceptance by the population due to the popular British and American music. As an example we can mention the Beatles, Elvis and Johnny Mathis; the popular singers and bands at that time. The popular singers that dominated the genre were Tang Kee-Chan, Cheng Kuan-min and Roman Tam who made important contributions to the genre in the 70s.

Furthermore, there are another genres and subgenres that are cultivated in Hong Kong such as The Mandarin Pop, The Cantonese Opera and Classical Music.

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