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Nightlife in Hong Kong

The nightlife in Hong Kong has traditionally centered on Victoria Harbor. Hong Kong nightlife is a diversity of entertainments such as Chinese operas, classical music, nightclubs with international floor shows, pubs, and intriguing late night bazaars. The nightlife in Hong Kong offers something for everybody. Most Chinese people’s philosophy of nightlife in Hong Kong is hek, hot, woon, lok (eating, drinking, playing and having fun).

The main places to find nightclubs, pubs and other locals to spend night out are located in Causeway Bay and Wan Chai, although Soho and Central dominate for the sheer number of venues. Many bars and pubs offer happy hours, live entertainment, which visitors can enjoy simply for the price of a beer. The exclusive nightlife in Hon Kong takes place in top-end hotels, where inventive cocktails, skilled bar staff and some of the best views in town attract both locals and visitors. Lan Kwai is the most expensive and the best area for bars, though it’s the stomping grounds of expat and Chinese suits, and professionals.

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Most nightclubs open on Friday and Saturday, although one can find some good midweek venues as well. Cover charges turn more expensive when an internationally recognized band or a big-named foreign singer or DJ is on stage. Karaoke clubs are currently fashionable among young people in Hong Kong. The club scene changes with the speed of summer lightning, as in any world-class city, in Hong Kong.

You will realize that visitors have everything to spend an unforgettable night in Hong Kong. In addition to the recommendations below, you must not forget to watch the nightly “Symphony of Lights”. This show takes place from 8:00 to 8:20 pm, when an impressive laser and light show is projected from more than 40 buildings on both sides of the Hon Kong’s harbor. The nightlife in Hong Kong will help you to enjoy your trip to this island during the night.

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