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Dragon's Back

The city of Hong Kong is pretty convenient and reliable. Some Kong Kong areas are easily accessible. That is mostly true for travelers who are visiting the magnificent Dragon’s Back trail. This astonishing ridge is located among Shek O Peak and Wan Cham Shan in the southeastern part of the city. There are several tours that provide a complete visit of the area.

Dragon Hong Kong That is why many testimonies of tourists who were in Hong Kong described the city as remarkable because it was easy for them to step from urban areas into the great countryside in a short time. The Dragon’s Back was considered by the famous Magazine TIME Asia in 2004 as the best urban trail for hiking in the entire Asian continent.

In addition, this magazine published some positive articles that talk about the marvelous landscapes that travelers can find in the trail. Definitively, Dragon’s Back is one of the most spectacular soaring sites in the island of Hong Kong.

This impressive ridge is strategically located in two important sections: the first one is situated in the Northeastern part and the second one faces the Southeastern part. These two parts are joined at Shek-o-Peak at 284 meters high and getting at the top is possible from almost everywhere but it is recommendable to do so at the south side.

Travelers can practice hiking, trekking and paragliding in the area. However, people who want to practice paragliding have to take some precautions because there is some helicopter traffic in the Shek O zone.

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