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Lamma Island

Hong Kong is one of the two important administrative regions in China; the other one is Macau. This magnificent modern city is geographically situated in the south coast of China. This outstanding city in Asia has several peninsulas and sub-islands that belong to the jurisdiction of Hong Kong. There are 263 islands of Hong Kong such as Kiu Tsui Chau, Kiu tau, Lan Shuen Pei, Cheung Chau and Lamma Island, just to mention a few.

Tedie - Hong Kong The Lamma Island is located 3 kilometers off the west coast of Hong Kong; it is about 30 minutes by ferry. This island is considered as the third biggest in length with 6 kilometers long but it is too narrow (2.5km wide) Lamma, which in English means “The southern beautiful tree Branch” was initially called as Bok Liu Chau. Nowadays, the Lamma Island is considered as an eclectic town with a big culture and a huge Chinese tradition.

Lamma Island has a rural area with craggy natural scenery. Plenty of tourists visit the area in order to enjoy the magnificent hills, the big Mount Stenhouse that is located in the south and some stunning beaches. In addition, the island is the perfect getaway on weekends due to its proximity to Hong Kong. The city does not have cars; there are only bicycles as a way of transportation and the majority of buildings are not tall but low-rise.

Definitely, the two most important sites to visit in Lamma Island are the amazing villages of Yung Shue Wan and Sok Kwu Wan because for its lush greenery, Green heaven and exquisite and varied restaurants. Tourists can eat delicious Western food and Chinese food in many restaurants around the area. Moreover, the island can boast of having one of the oldest temples in the world called Tin Hau.

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