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MacLehose Trail

Hong Kong is considered to the world as an important trade center in China. In addition, the city attracts thousands of tourists each year thanks to its spectacular modern urban areas and amusement parks. However, Hong Kong includes other interesting activities in outdoor spaces to enjoy the nature and the magnificent green areas in this part of the planet. As an example we can mention a hiking trail that is considered as the most important trail in the area. We are talking about the Maclehose Trail.

Gigantes Hong Kong The Maclehose Trail basically comprehends a vast space in the New Territories. This trail covers the east and west in the entire territory with 100 kilometers long. In addition, the MacLehose Trail connects several Parks: the Kung East Park, Lion Rock Country Park, Sai Kung Park, Suing Mun Country Park and Ma On Shan Country Park, just to mention a few.

This fascinating trail starts from Pak Tam Chung until Sai Kung Peninsula and then reaches the Kowloon Hills. Conveniently, visitors will find all the paths well signposted in order to help tourists to find the correct way to follow. How do you get there? Visitors can reach the Maclehose Trail by taking the public transportation of the city.

The name of the trail derives from an emblematic governor and professional hiker of Hong Kong called Crawford Murray MacLehose.

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