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Mai Po Nature Reserve

The Mai Po Nature reserve is one of the most wonderful places in Hong Kong because of its natural features. This splendid natural site is located on the northwestern part of the city of Hong Kong, near the town of Yuen Long. The zone was declared as important due to its amazing wildlife. Like the Hong Kong Wetland Park, the education, conservation and tourism were the three main reasons for the creation of a natural park that is open to the public.

Gigantes Hong Kong There are six kilometers of wetland in the area that provides preservation of different living things such as reptiles, mammals, insects and birds. Conveniently, the Mai Po Nature reserve is managed since 1983 by the international organization World Wide Fund for Nature in Hong Kong. During the last years, the wetland park has been facing important issues such as the pollution and the fast urbanization in the area.

That is why the area is now a restricted zone, and people who want to do some studies about the wild life in the zone need to acquire several permissions from the Wild Animals Protection Ordinance and from the AFCD of Hong Kong. On the other hand, the park has been receiving more than 35,000 visitors approximately in the recent years.

Fortunately, there are several tours that travelers can take in order to see the magnificent natural features of Mai Po Nature Reserve. There is an international organization that is called Fund in Hong Kong (WWF Hong Kong) that organized reliable tours in Mai Po Natural Reserve. Tourists can find Round Tours that are available during the entire year but also Autumn-Winter tours and Spring-Summer tours. In addition, there are other tours that are oriented to students, specialists and scientists.

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