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Hong Kong National Geopark

The Hong Kong National GeoPark is, without a doubt, one of the best outdoor areas in the region. Locals are really proud of it for being a zone that has a lot of geological significance and its conservation goes further than a simple touristic function. The government has declared the area as an important educational resource and a basic key to the sustained development.

In addition, the conservation of the unique and spectacular landscapes and landforms in the country is compulsory. There are several species of animals and living organisms around the area. The creation of a natural park was a global and local initiative that was started by international organizations and the local government to conserve the rock formations and to promote the formation of land

National Geopark - Hong Kong China holds more than 180 national geoparks in its big territory, but only 24 are declared as global among the 77 most important ones in the planet. Hong Kong can be a touristic spot in the world not only because of its modern skyscrapers but also for its natural and friendly ecosystem areas. This amazing natural region was opened to the public in 2009. Consequently, the UNESCO declared the area as part of the official list of the Global Geoparks Networks.

The Hong Kong National Geopark is situated in the Northeastern and Eastern part of the New Territories and it covers a big area of 50 kilometers approximately. This important Geopark is composed by eight sub-natural areas that spread through the Northeast New Territories sedimentary and the Sai Kung Volcanic zone.

As an example, we can mention the High Island reservoir, the Ninepin Group and the sharp island that is located in the Sai Kung region and situated in the Northeast NT Sedimentary region. Travelers can find the Double Heaven, the Tolo Chanel with its respective South and North coasts, the port island and the Tung Ping Chau. There are several boat tour routes and land tour routes that include efficient guide professionals who are able to explain all the questions of the visitors very well.

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