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Peng Chau

Even though the Peng Chau is a small and quiet island as compared to other islands in Hong Kong, plenty of people compare the island with the bustling and bigger island of Cheung Chau. On the other hand, Peng Chau is pretty convenient to visit because it is really easy to walk around in the entire territory and never get lost.

Peng Chau Hong Kong In addition, there are other features that attract tourists in any month of the year: an amazing fishing harbor, several porcelain handicraft stores, a big fish market and a small community that represents the life of many rural people who follow Chinese traditions and customs. In addition, Peng Chau can boast of having an old temple with two centuries old that is called Tin Hau.

Although the island does not have stunning beaches or spectacular shorelines, visitors have the chance to visit a small Bay that is called Tung Wan. Travelers need to take the affordable Ferry Pier to get to Tung Wan.

How can you get there? Getting there is not complicated, there are several Ferries that provide an efficient transportation from one island to another. Fortunately, the town possesses a fresh, clean and pure air because there are not cars or fuel vehicles around the streets. The citizens use bicycles as a way of transportation in the zone.

The terrain in the island is completely flat. Nonetheless, there is an amazing peak in the amazing hill that is called The finger Hill. On the top of this peak, visitors can enjoy some breathtaking landscapes and views.

Here is a list of the most important touristic spots in Peng Chau as follows:
  • Tin Hau Temple.
  • Golden Flower Shrine.
  • Lung Mo Temple.
  • Finger Hill.

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