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Hong Kong Recipes

Hong Kong is a city where one can find a lot of restaurants and it is known as the restaurant industry, also as one might imagine, rice is the most used ingredient. The place where Hong Kong Cuisine started is in the traditional houses, so as most of the home kitchens were very small till today that is why the majority of the ingredients that are used are fresh.

Hong Kong recipes are influenced by Cantonese cuisine and other that do not speaking Cantonese, such as: Chaozhou, Dongjiang, Fujian and the Yangtze River Delta. The western world, Japan and Southeast Asia also has influenced Hong Kong cuisine. You can try different tastes of food from the roadside stalls to the fanciest restaurants, because of the fusion of ingredients and gourmet expertise Hong Kong has gain the reputation of a gourmet paradise.

Hong Kong cuisine has a big variety of ingredients and as a result it has a big variety of dishes. The main ingredient of Hong Kong cuisine is the duck and every part of it, crispy skin, stir-fried and soup dishes made with the bones and crispy skin is the second most used ingredient.

Flowering Cabbage with Oyster Sauce Clams and Black Bean Sauce Cheong Fun
Flowering Cabbage with Oyster Sauce
This dish uses an ornamented version of the normal cabbage ...
Clams and Black Bean Sauce
It is usual for Hong Kong people to use black beans as a side ...
Cheong Fun
This is a version of rice noodle rolls or Cheong Fun ...
Snowy Winter Melon Soup Steamed Chiken in Lotus Leaf Hawthorn Apple Tea
Snowy Winter Melon Soup
This is a simple soup that can be consumed in every season but it is preferable in melon season ...
Steamed Chicken in Lotus Leaf
It is a great ingredient and a cooking tool ...
Hawthorn Apple Tea
It is recommended for people, who suffer for blood pressure ...
Hong Kong Style Egg Tarts
Hong Kong Style Egg Tarts
It is a very simple dish; it is also a kind of custard tart pastry very common in Asian countries ...

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