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Clams and Black Bean Sauce

Sauce - Hong Kong It is usual for Hong Kong people to use black beans as a side when talking about seafood; this is a popular dish that is served in the coastal side of Hong Kong.

  • 24 clams.
  • 3 tbsp corn oil.
  • 5 peeled, chopped garlic cloves.
  • 5 scallions cut, white and green parts separated.
  • 1 tbsp fermented black beans.
  • Teaspoon sugar.
  • 2 tbsp wine.
  • 1 tick soy sauce.
  • 3 tbsp clean stock or water.
  • 1 tbsp potato flour dissolved in 1 tbsp of water.
  • Sesame oil.

1. Let the clams rest on water with a pinch of salt until they are ready to use. Scrub the shells deeply.

2. Heat a wok on high heat until it is pretty warm; add oil in the wok and spread all over the wok. Add garlic, ginger and white scallions. Stir-fry for a few moments until you feel the aroma. Add the black beans and stir it to mix.

3. Tip in the clams and using a spatula mix the preparation with the clams. Add the wine into the wok on the sides stirring and turning. When the sizzling goes down add the soy sauce and stock or water. Once the mix boiled cover and low at medium heat for about 8 minutes.

4. Transfer the opened clams with tongs to a warm serving plate, cook the rest for a little while, turn and stir for about 5 minutes and then the rest will open, the opened clams must be transfer to the serving plate and leave the sauce in the wok as discard the clams that are not open. Add well stirred potato flour into the sauce, and then add the green stallions.

5. Pour the sauce over the clams and serve. Sprinkle sesame oil if you desire.

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