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Sports in Hong Kong

As in any other country, sports have an important role in Hong Kong culture, but as many other Asian countries, this field has limited resources and little importance for the central government. Throughout the >history of Hong Kong, there have been practiced many sports, but undoubtedly the most important has been the most important until now, this is due mainly to British influence going as far back as the late 19th century. Mok Hing founded South China Athletic Club, the first football team in Hong Kong that also was the first team to join the Hong Kong Football Association league.

Sport Hong Kong
Sport Hong Kong
Taekwondo hong kong
Taekwondo hong kong

The most important period in the history of Hong Kong, Sports was definitely after World War II when the Amateur Sports Federation & Olympic Committee of Hong Kong (ASF&OC) was established in order to represent Hong Kong in times of sport competitions.

Throughout the year, Hong Kong offers a large range of sports events where people meet to get away at least a little from the stressful life in Hong Kong. Among the most important sporting events in Hong Kong are included:
  • Hong Kong Sevens: The annual Hong Kong sevens is one of the most important rugby competitions in the world that attracts people from all over the world in order to see in competition the best rugby teams worldwide.

  • Dragon Boat Festival: The Dragon festival is also known as Tuen Ng Festival that take place in different regions of Hong Kong. The Dragon Boat Festival gathers teams from all over the world including traditional fishermen, who give their best to win the trophy.

  • Hong Kong International Races: After football, horseracing is definitely the favorite sport in Hong Kong that is why now Hong Kong boasts one of the most important Horseracing in the world called Turf World Championships. This competition gathers some of the most renowned jockeys, trainers and owners. Other important Horseracing competitions are the Hong Kong Derby andthe Queen Elizabeth II Cup.

  • Hong Kong Marathon: Hong Kong marathon is an important competition that takes place every February and draws as many as 30,000 participants from all over the world.
Hong Kong also has important competitions in many others sports like Tennis, Badminton, Squash, Cricket and Motor-Racing. If you are planning to practice sports professionally, you must realize yourself some medical tests to avoid any injury. In addition, some indexes like the basal metabolic rate, or body fat rate will help you control your body fat levels, or the amount of calories you should consume. In www.freebmrcalculator.com/how-to-calculate-bmr/ you can calculate some of these values without the need to visit a medical center.

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