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Tai Chi Hong Kong

Tai Chi Hong Kong China is a millenary country that has interesting traditions and customs that improve the life style of its inhabitants. As an example of these amazing traditions we can mention the Tai Chi. This ancestral martial art is basically a yoga session that combines deep transcendental meditation with some self defense techniques. Chinese people practice Tai Chi because of its training and healthy benefits.

Tai Chi, which in English means Supreme Ultimate Fist, is considered as one of the most important martial arts in the Chinese tradition. Although Tai Chi was born in China, the western world is practicing this martial art a lot and it has been gaining more followers in the rest of the world.

Learning Tai Chi in Hong Kong is pretty convenient because of its amazing schools and professional teachers. In fact, people in Hong Kong consider Tai Chi as a routine and an essential part of the daily activity. Indeed, Hong Kong city is very busy, and the majority of the population needs some time for meditation and relaxation. In this fashion, Tai Chi practice is for them as a sweet escape from the stress and busy life in the city.

Food Hong Kong The Tai chi consists of doing several movements that help the body and mind to keep the balance of Ying-Yang (black/white, bad/good). The majority of movements are really easy to perform and practice. There are several centers where people can learn this special art in Hong Kong.

To add some examples, we can mention the YMCA that provides Tai Chi classes during the entire year and the famous gym California Fitness in Hong Kong that also provides Tai Chi lessons. Nonetheless, there is another interesting option that tourists can take in order to practice Tai Chi properly; we are talking about the public lessons in parks.

As weve mentioned before, Hong Kong people actively practice Tai Chi and they practice this Martial art in different Parks of the city. Tourists can join these groups for free. Nevertheless the language barrier can be a problem at first for foreigners who want to take these public lessons.

Here is a list of some important Tai Chi schools in Hong Kong:
  • Wus Tai Chi Chuan Academy (Phone: 852-2388-4831)
  • Hong Kong Tai Chi School (Phone: 2387 8256)
  • Hong Kong Tourism Board (Phone: 25081234)
  • Sifu Ng Kam-Kee (Phone: 9457 7540)
  • Practical Tai Chi (Phone: 2294 0030)

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