Hong Kong travel guide


Hong Kong Travel Guide

Things to do in Hong Kong

Hong Kong, as one of the most important cities in China, includes a large number of amusing activities to do. Hong Kong is quite modern, beautiful and it offers facilities for tourists. That is why the tourism industry is a big generator of money in the city. In this fashion, Hong Kong is one of the most popular and visited cities in Asia.

There are a lot of to do and a lot of to see in the city. In order to provide a little help about things that tourists can do in this magnificent Chinese city, we’ve made a list with the most popular and important activities.

Paragliding Hong Kong
Paragliding Hong Kong
Buceo Hong Kong
Buceo Hong Kong

Although, Hong Kong is well-known for westerners as the big commercial and shopping center in Asia, travelers can find other spectacular features around the city. As an example we can mention the imposing and historical buildings that can boast of having the finest architectonic style. There are several architecture tours that foreigners can enjoy in order to know a bit about the history of these historical monuments in Hong Kong.

The temples are also magnificent representations of the Chinese culture in Japan. Without a doubt, the Man Mo Temple is considered as the most representative in the city because of its history and incredible characteristics. This important construction in Hong Kong was constructed in 1848 and it is situated near the Hollywood Road. There are several well-preserved statues in the temple. Another amazing temple in Hong Kong is the Wong Tai Sin. This sacred temple is usually overcrowded with worshipers.

Taking a small trip to the Lantau Island can be a wise decision to have fun and spend a spectacular moment in natural environments and green spaces. In addition, Travelers can visit the Buddhist monastery that is situated in one of the high hills of the island. Visitors should spend more than a week in Hong Kong to visit other attractions of the island throughly.

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