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Hong Kong Travel Guide

Weather in Hong Kong

Every moment is perfect to visit Hong Kong and the tourist season used to be in the spring and fall. The weather in Hong Kong is affected by the South China Sea and the North Pacific Ocean. Monsoons from the southwest bring hot and humid weather in the summer. This is the perfect time to visit and enjoy Hong Kongs spectacular beaches. The Repulse Bay is the most popular among visitors in the summer season.

Weather Hong Kong
Climate of Hong Kong

The rainy season begins from May to September. The 80 percents of rain of Hong Kong falls during these months. September is the most common month for uncertain weather. The local people of Hong Kong are likely to see weather ranging from tropical storm to a typhoon. Cold winds blow in from the northern Asian landmass in winter. The coldest season (winter) stretches from October to late January or early February. This is the best time to visit the region because it is cooler. The spring season beings in March and ends in May. The humidity rises to about 82 percent, with fog and rain fairly common, during this season.

The weather in Hong Kong is generally mild in winter and uncomfortably hot and humid in summer, with an average annual rainfall of 2.3m (89 in.). The best period to visits Hong Kong is late September to mid-December, temperature averages 23C, humidity 73 percent. Visitors can check out the current weather conditions on internet before taking their trips. The following table will show you the average temperature by season in Hong Kong.

37C (99F)
27C (81F)
16C (62F)
10C (50F)

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