Hong Kong travel guide


Hong Kong Travel Guide

When to go Hong Kong?

Although Hong Kong’s peak season used to be during spring and fall, nowadays Hong Kong receives a high flux of Tourists pretty much all year, especially from mainland China during the Chinese New Year and the two Golden weeks (starting on May 1& October 1). In addition, several trade fairs and conventions tend to fill up the best hotels during spring and autumn.

We recommend you make reservations for hotels and tours in advance to save money and secure a spot during your trip. In addition, check out www.discoverhongkong.com to learn the current festivals, events and conventions, since most of its important events and holidays are based on the lunar calendar.

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Here is a list of the most popular events and holidays.
  • Chinese New Year – Takes place on January or February and lasts three days. Despite the colorful decorations and interesting traditions, this religious custom keeps most routes clogged and stores closed.
  • Hong Kong Arts Festival – During February or March, lasts a month and is filled with orchestras, operas, and dance and theater performances.
  • Hong Kong Sevens Rugby Tournament – Takes place during the fourth week of March in the stadium of Hong Kong Known (The Sevens),and is one of the most popular sports events of all Asia.
  • Ching Ming Festival –During March or April
  • Tin Hau Festival – On the 23rdday of the Third Moon (usually on April)
  • Cheung Chau Bun Festival – On late April or early May
  • Buddha's Birthday – On the ninth day of the Fourth Moon (usually on April or May)
  • Dragon Boat Races –On the fifth day of the Fifth Moon (usually on May or June)
  • Yue Lan Festival – known as the Festival of the hungry ghosts, takes place on the fourteenth day of the Seventh Moon (usually on August)
  • Mid-Autumn Festival – on the fifteenth day of the Eighth Moon (usually on September or October)
  • Chung Yueng Festival – on the Ninth day of the Ninth Moon (usually on October)

Whether you know them as Cyclones, Hurricanes or Typhoons (for the Cantonese “Dai Fung” or big wind), beware of these tropical storms during your visit to Hong Kong, since they will probably will be part of your Asian experience if you travel sometime between May to November (especially on September). They are monitored, tracked, and rated by its force, so they will not catch you by surprise if you keep up with current events and news during your stay.

Due to the subtropical location of Hong Kong, its weather is extremely hot during summer (from late May to mid-September) and slightly cold during winter (from mid-December to February). The best time to visit is in autumn (from late September to early December), despite the risk of the occasional typhoon on September.

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